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We decided to write about equipment selection because beginners start thinking buying their own equipment and they have many questions concerning which is the ideal kite and full equipment for them.

Kite Surfing equipment:

  • Kite
  • Bar with lines to steer the kite
  • Harness
  • Board
  • WetSuit ( cold spots )
  • Helmet, flotation device or impact best, safety hooked knife( optional )
  • Pump
  • Buddy or girlfriend / boyfriend to help you to launch and land the kite ( riders with experience could launch and land the kite by themselves )

In order to select the best equipment you need to consider the following issues:

  • If you are big and heavy you will need bigger kites also if you are kiting in light winds, bigger kites are needed.
  • In strong wind conditions you need smaller kites as well as if you are a lightweight person
  • Big or flat boards are used when you have smaller kites, it helps you to ride in light wind conditions and also are ideal for beginners to keep their balance, the correct body position on the board and maintain the upwind position.
  • Smaller boards are use with bigger kites and also for continue your progression in free style
  • Surf boards with strap or strapless are use for those who like the waves or want to fell the freedom on their feet ( strapless )
  • If you are living in a place with different wind range you will probably need 2 or 3 kites of different sizes, if you live or go to a place with constant wind you might need only one, previously checking which is the wind range of the area.
  • Also if you are starting to kite and cannot afford to buy more than 1 kite consider to purchase one in the middle of your wind range since nowadays kites have very good range of depower and will allow you to kitesurf in different conditions.
  • SLE and Bow kites are the most popular kites for beginners and experience kiteboarders to do progression, C kites are more recomendable for wake style and experience kite boarders
  • Foil kites are getting popular and they are used when the wind conditions in the area is very light.

Hope this content has been use full for you and we want you to start or continue enjoying with this magnificent sport that make us happy every time we practice or make new kite boarders.

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